Ayurveda Spa Soothing and relaxing Ayurveda spa just for you

Soothing and relaxing Ayurveda spa just for you

Stepping out for a holiday has always been the most enthralling thing for any family especially children. There are many reasons to enjoy a holiday or a short break, away from the hullabaloo of your city life. However, the foremost and probably the most important reason why people go on a holiday is to relax and just chill. Although, at times, one may find that going on a holiday with children is not really a relaxing experience; however, the sheer feeling of not doing anything every morning is good enough for anyone to step out.

Rio resort, located in Dehradun, is one such resort located from the madness of the city and close to nature where one can get absolute peace and quiet. Spread over acres of land, the resort is blessed with picturesque beauty and amazing activities to explore. One of most relaxing and luxurious activities of the resort is indulging is its amazing variety of spa therapies that are available under one roof. The most sought after spa is the Ayurveda spa therapy that uses natural oils to make you feel completely at ease. Under expert guidance by massage therapists at the resort, Ayurveda spa is meant to not only relieve you of physical stress but also relax your mind and soul to connect better with yourself. This spa helps your rejuvenate your senses and helps in better circulation of fluids and blood in the body. It also helps in opening the clogged pores of the skin that need good care and massage to ensure that you look and feel fresh. There are various other forms of massage therapies and spa sessions such as Swedish massage, aroma therapy, Pizhichil massage and Navarakizhi massage amongst others that help in refreshing you from head to toe.

Ayurveda therapy is probably one of the most ancient treatments or therapy in the world. In ancient times Ayurveda was used fervently by medical practitioners to ensure the nature’s way to treat an individual. Over the years the same knowledge has passed down in various forms that ensure that today too we get the best of Ayurveda in our life. It is this very philosophy that has driven Rio resort to introduce Ayurveda Spa massage therapy, so that you too can reap the benefits of this age old science while enjoying your stay at the resort. The spa and massage experts at the resort are highly trained and know exactly how to soothe your nerves and relax your muscles. Besides the speciality spa therapies, Rio resort offers various exciting activities for their guests to enjoy such as white water rafting, jumaring, rappelling, sightseeing, riverside camping, bonfire as well as great indoor activities. These activities are meant to make you connect with your adventurous side and make you one with nature.

An absolutely enticing and exciting holiday awaits you at Rio Resort. Come and enjoy the various benefits of Ayurveda Spa therapy along with many other wonderful things the resort has to offer!