A Call out to all Bird watching enthusiasts

Are you a bird watching enthusiast? Do you often feel like escaping the rigmarole of life to watch these flying beauties in action? Well, look no more; Rio resort offers you just the right pod to enjoy natures’ wonder around you. Doon valley is considered to be one of the many bird watching paradises and it is no wonder that every year scores of people visit Dehradun to enjoy these lovely birds.

Staying in Rio resort gives you close access to the wooded areas of the region to enjoy bird watching. This beautiful Himalayan getaway is known for its subtle variety of birds and the number in which they are found. The region surrounding Doon valley has a variety of migratory as well as resident birds that are famous amongst bird watchers. Staying at Rio resort gives you an advantage to enjoy these beauties in action close to you. Since the resort is nestled amidst green mountains and a lot of foliage, you can spot many beautiful birds within the resort premises too. Some of the popular birds that are found in Dehradun valley are Marbled Teal, Bar-headed Goose, Indian Spot-billed Duck, Mallard, Slaty-blue Flycatcher, Black-chinned Babbler, Red-billed Leiothrix; Large billed Crow, Mountain Hawk Eagle, Cuckoo, Little Egret, Grey Heron, Green Sandpiper, Streak-throated Sparrow, Paddyfield Pipit, Steppe Eagle, etc. These birds leave an inerasable mark on your memory making you come back for more bird watching in the valley.

Rio Resort has the privilege of being at better proximity with the bird trails and nature beauty for you to enjoy it thoroughly. Do not miss out on an opportunity to escape into the beautiful world of birds in the Dehradun with your fellow bird enthusiasts. The true way to enjoy these beauties is with your binocular and camera that are meant to capture this flying creatures in action.