Camping with a difference at Rio riverside

If you are looking for adventure and relaxation, you have come to just the place. Riverside campground at Rio resort is the perfect way to enjoy camping with your friends. As adventure enthusiasts, we often look for different locations to explore with our peer group. Whether it is an open ground or a camp near the riverside; a mountain top tenting experience or a simple camp on the plains; whatever your wish, we have the answer for them.

Rio resort is a sprawling resort located in the valley of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The resort is famous for its variety of adventure experiences that can be enjoyed with your family and friends, alike. With a small river flowing next to it, the extensive garden serves as an apt riverside campground, to be enjoyed with your buddies from college or your peers from office. The yurt camps and mud houses serve as perfect accompaniments for your camping experience. A unique camping experience, Rio resort provides you all the facilities that you look for, while on a holiday. Rappelling, jumaring, short hikes, nature walks, exploring the sights around Dehradun, star gazing, bird watching, etc. are few activities that you can thoroughly enjoy while staying at this resort. A camping experience is incomplete without bonfires and live music; riverside campground of Rio provide you an excellent opportunity to bond with your fellow colleagues and / or buddies while sharing amazing stories together. The resort offers respite to all those who are looking at escaping their routine life and simply spending time in the wilderness.

The vast riverside campground is a perfect place to sit under the blanket of stars, soak your feet in the river water or simply enjoy the tranquil ambience all around. Enjoy a different camping experience at Rio resort today!