Find your Sacred Space at this Spiritual Retreat

Spiritual Retreats are often considered to be expensive and quite out of reach for many individuals. However, that is no longer true today. Rio Resort presents to you a wonderful silent meditation retreat that will evoke all sense of tranquillity and peace around you.

The essence of meditation stems from the Buddhist way of life where man and animal are considered equal and every aspect is part of a bigger picture. These Buddhist and Meditation retreats are best enjoyed amidst peaceful surroundings. Lots of greenery and sprawling mountains make these resorts few of the most sought after spiritual retreats. Rio resort in Dehradun is one such meditation and yoga retreat that proves beyond doubt that it is the best place to relax and unwind. With experienced therapists under their belt, the resort offers some spectacular therapies that purify your mind and soul. Meditation and Yoga are often considered two sides of the same coin and why not; the amalgamation of the two can be seen fit perfectly at Rio resort. There are various types of yoga asanas that are taught with a lot of enthusiasm and fervour. Whether it is prenatal yoga or Ashtang asana, there is a reason for every health enthusiast to enjoy this wonderful getaway. To make you one with nature, the resort follows unconventional mode of accommodation that comprises of mud houses and yurt camps besides regular rooms. These rustic accommodation options make this wonderful silent retreat a ‘must-stay’ on your to-do list.

Renew your energy with a short break to this absolutely serene spiritual retreat; with mountains on one side and a beautiful stream of water on another. Awaken your spiritual self and connect with a higher being through small steps, of meditation and yoga, towards it.