A little twinkle to your holiday with star gazing

The magnificence of the beautiful night sky is best enjoyed amidst open surroundings. Your wish to have take delight in star gazing comes alive in the cosy ambience of Rio resort, Dehradun. The hotels sprawling lawns and beautiful huts provide a perfect setting to regale in the open night and admire the twinkling beauties that spread across like a blanket of white dots.

Star gazing is a hobby for many nature enthusiasts and we help fuel your passion by giving you the most amazing place to enjoy it. Whether you travel in large groups or a close circuit friend circle, there are arrangements for everyone at Rio Resort. These beautiful stars are best enjoyed in a group though. To make this evening more special, we also organize special bonfires and live music so that you can be entertained while enjoying star gazing. The warmth of the fire and the soothing music ensure that your trip is not left incomplete. Owning to the location of our resort, you will enjoy an uncluttered view of the stars in the dark night. Be sure to carry your insect repellent as these notorious little creatures are famous for troubling everyone from the through the evening and night. You may not really enjoy star gazing as much as your friend but that does not mean you cannot have fun! Our indoor activity room has all sorts of games to help you relax and unwind. If you are an ardent gazing enthusiast then it is suggested that you carry your telescope to be on the safe side. We may or may not be able to provide you with one.

Enjoy special moments by star gazing with your loved ones. Don’t waste anymore time; come and be a part of this wilderness.