‘Vipassana – The art of living through meditation’

Vipassana is considered to be one of the oldest meditation techniques in India. Rediscovered by Gautama Buddha around 2500 years ago, it means seeing things the way they are really meant to be seen. Rio resort brings to you a perfect amalgamation of this Buddhist meditation through their tranquil surroundings. The beauty and purity helps to open your mind and clear your senses to see things the way they actually are.

If you are looking for some peaceful meditation, Rio resort is just the place for you. Many of us enjoy going on a short break for the sheer peace of mind rather than partying or doing something. A medium to allow for the mental purification, Vipassana meditation centres on facing life in a balanced way. A balanced thought will lead to a balanced life and allow one to enjoy the small pleasures of life. We at Rio resort infuse this pure Buddhist meditation technique in our way of teaching meditation and help you to control your senses better. There are various resorts that would claim to offer Vipassana meditation however the ideology would be quite different from how it actually is. Besides being a wonderful retreat for meditation, Rio offers you a wide variety of activities that will help you relax and attain calmness, getting you ready to face your daily rigmarole with full fervour. The rustic ambience along with the pristine beauty of mountains and greenery, prove to be the best way to practice unperturbed Vipassana meditation.

This process of self-refinement and introspection takes time to practice and be regular with; however at Rio resort we offer you to take the first step towards it. Come and reap the practical benefits of Buddhist meditation techniques at Rio resort with family, today!