Yoga Retreat A Blissful experience at a wonderful Yoga Retreat

A Blissful experience at a wonderful Yoga Retreat

Imagine drawing your curtain and taking a peek outside, in the tranquil surroundings of lush greenery and picturesque beauty. The chirping of the birds and resounding river, all that makes you wake up and wish you were here more often than you thought. Uttarakhand is considered as a paradise for adventure lovers as well as for those who seek calmness in the form of Yoga. The state is blessed with many wonderful places and resorts that offer various amenities that can surpass all your wishes for a wonderful holiday. The setting of the gorgeous mountains complete with plush green landscapes and some breath taking views, Uttarakhand has more to offer its guests than one can actually envision.

One such place that is the centre of activities in Uttarakhand is its capital, Dehradun. The hub for the country’s most prestigious schools set amidst the very famous Doon Valley, Dehradun has a charm that is hard to forget. Being a tourist attraction with many options for sightseeing, this beautiful city offers luxury living in the form of resorts and hotels that are suited for all types of budgets. Similar to its state, this beautiful city is also blessed with many yoga retreats that offer the calmness and tranquillity that you look for when on a holiday. Rio Resort- The Nature Spa and Resort located near Robbers Cave in Gucchhu Paani is quite well known for being one of the most striking resorts to spend your holiday in. The resort is complete with all types of accommodation that range from typical deluxe rooms to unique Yurt camps and mud houses. The staff and management take utmost care to ensure that you not only have a great holiday but also enjoy the small pleasures of life that are meant to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that targets all the parts and organs of the body and mind and helps relax them. It helps you unnerve and become one with nature and let your body lose to enjoy the benefits of this age old tradition of exercise, now following worldwide. Rio resort is known as a yoga retreat as well because of the experienced professionals who help and guide you to do your yoga asanas with ease. These asanas are meant to open up all parts of the body are designed to suit every body type. You can enjoy the benefits of this wonderful form of exercise by speaking with your resort representative, who is adept in arranging the best guide to help you.

There are many wonders that Yoga has to offer however it is always advisable to begin with the basic asanas that will help your body open up. Being a yoga retreat, as the name suggests, you not enjoy the gain more knowledge on the various postures but also take that step to shape your body and mind. The ambient resort along with its warmth and cosiness await you with your family and friends today!